We are so happy to be a part of the Trinity Lutheran School and Church family. We were married at TLC in 2005 and left the state weeks later to pursue careers — Lisa in the Air Force and Jeremy at PTC, a Boston-based software company, which he continues to work for from home. In late 2010 we returned home to Nebraska to begin raising our family which now includes our four children, Roland, Viggo, Virinia, and Malachi. There was never a question as to where our children would attend school.

Our son, Viggo, is currently a third-grader at TLS and our daughter, Virinia, is in Kindergarten. Our oldest son, Roland, who is now in 6th grade at Lincoln Lutheran, is a proud TLS graduate. Lisa can attest that a lot has changed at TLS since she began 1st grade there in 1987. The school building itself has grown, technology has dramatically changed, and everything is more modern. Even the wonderful Miss Bonnie Naber, who taught so many 1st graders to read, including Lisa, is about to retire at the end of this year.

However, the most important aspect of TLS is unchanged. The educators put an emphasis on sharing the love of Jesus with the children each and every day. They foster a positive learning environment where the importance of mutual respect and serving others is celebrated. The small class sizes and group recesses on the very large playground allow for children from all the grades to know and befriend each other.

Our children come home happy! They are eager to share with us what they learned and accomplished each day from sight word challenges to interactive games about weather patterns and even outreach efforts with local non-profits. We feel so blessed to be able to send our children to a school that surrounds our kids in a supportive learning environment and promotes sharing and serving Christ.

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