Our Mission: Integrating the Pursuit of Knowledge with Faith Formation

As a Christian private school, our mission is to prepare the leaders of tomorrow with a high-quality education within the context of religious formation, ensuring that hearts and minds are cultivated and safeguarded. We see the pursuit of knowledge and faith formation as interdependent pillars that help students find their place in the world as they mature and grow. We welcome the opportunity to elaborate on how this educational community can benefit your family.

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Working collectively across campuses to be advocates who support and enhance Lutheran education, improve the quality of Lutheran Christian schools, and maximize ministry to children and families in the Lincoln area.


We accomplish our mission by sharing the love of Jesus through a Lutheran Christian education and striving to enhance academic excellence, physical health, emotional well-being, and spiritual growth for every child in Lincoln.


Transforming minds. Strengthening hearts through Christian education.

We Make It Affordable

We are affordable. Our resources for financial aid are adaptable and abundant. Many families are surprised to discover that a private education at one of the Lutheran Schools of Lincoln is more affordable than they anticipated. Your child may be eligible for scholarships, tuition assistance, or grants depending on his or her circumstances. We can provide you with further information on financial help and assist you with the application process.

Our Tuition Assistance


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Early Childhood Education Students


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The Lutheran Schools of Lincoln Commitment to Families

Young people who attend a Lutheran private school are well-rounded and spiritually grounded. Being Lutheran is not required. At Lutheran Schools of Lincoln, every single child is considered a member of our family.

What Sets Us Apart

For these and other reasons, we choose to have our children attend here.

Smaller Classes = Bigger Opportunities

Enriching Environments

Closer Connections. Feels Like Family

Extracurricular Activities

Faith Focus Rooted in Values

Educate the “Whole Child”

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As soon as we walked into Trinity Lutheran for the first time, I immediately loved it! I loved how small it was. I loved the children’s artwork displayed proudly outside of each classroom. I loved how each teacher seemed to know each student by name and that they interacted with each other in the hallway as they passed. I loved how each student had a smile on their face and truly seemed happy that they were at school. By the end of the tour, we knew we had already made the decision of sending our daughter to Trinity Lutheran.

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The Steggs Family