Investing in Your Private Lutheran School Experience

Some families see tuition as a roadblock to private school education. But in reality, every school in our community has need-based aid available to families, regardless of church membership, because cost should never be a barrier to receiving the private, Lutheran education your child deserves, at any level. Don't assume you can't afford it without talking to us first!

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We Make It Affordable

We are affordable. Our resources for financial aid are adaptable and abundant. Many families are surprised to discover that a private LSL education at the Lutheran Schools of Lincoln is more affordable than they anticipated. Don't assume you can’t afford it. Reach out to one of our school’s enrollment directors and have a conversation. Your child may be eligible for scholarships, tuition assistance, or grants depending on his or her circumstances.

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Every Situation is Different

The admissions directors at all five of the Lutheran Schools of Lincoln want to get to know you and your unique situation. They will work with you individually to help you find and explore all possible financial resources available to make enrollment possible.

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Meet Korinna Rodencal of Christ Lincoln Elementary School

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Meet Heather Haniszewski of Messiah Lutheran

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Meet David Kumm of Trinity Lutheran School

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