I AM LSL: Mr. Jesse Soensken

Every morning Mr. Jesse Soensken comes into the school ready for a new adventure. He never knows what will be waiting for him. Will it be a day full of pouring concrete, moving buildings, fixing lockers, or sometimes playing gaga ball with the Pre-Kindergarten class? Every day is something different and exciting.

Mr. Jesse Soensken began his adventure in with the Lutheran Schools of Lincoln over twenty-five years ago, when he was a student at Trinity Lutheran School. After Trinity Lutheran School, he went on to attend Lincoln Lutheran and then to eventually return to Trinity Lutheran School, as the Property Manager.

Lutheran education has always been an important part of Jesse’s life. When asked about the impact of Lutheran Education in his life Jesse said, “It helps to grow your faith in a loving and supportive environment where you can learn about Jesus and share your love of Him with others. I have made life-long relationships with many people through my experiences with Lutheran Education.”

Everyday Jesse finds new and unique ways to bring the love of Jesus and his Christian background to what he does. He always has a smile on his face, even when there is an unusual challenge in front of him. He takes time to show God’s love to the children every single day. Mr. Jesse, as he is called, has built a water balloon launcher and a cross that now stands in the hallway for all the children to see. He also doesn’t turn down a game of soccer or gaga ball with our students if he has time to play. He embraces the love and care to be bold and courageous in Christian love.