I AM LSL: We are the Baksys family

We are the parents of a sweet, funny, kind seven-year-old boy. Whether you are the parent of one or many, we are like you…we just want to raise our child to be kind and responsible. We live in a small town outside of Lincoln, Nebraska, and have very little family support in the area. When Josh attended preschool at Messiah Lutheran School two years ago we were welcomed into a family that we didn’t realize we needed at the time.

We made the choice to attend a public school for kindergarten and truly missed the environment at Messiah Lutheran School and have chosen to come back. Josh thrives here where the teachers, staff, and fellow students love him for who he is and provide the individualized care and attention that has allowed him to grow in his love for school, and more importantly, his love for Jesus. You cannot put a value on the intangible things that a student learns here: kindness and love, generosity, and compassion. These qualities are found in all the teachers and staff to support not only the students but their families, too.

Quite often, we find that Josh will come home and end up teaching us just as many life and spiritual lessons as he is learning himself in school. In this life, we all face challenges, loss, disappointment, and hardships but the love and support we receive from being part of the Messiah Lutheran School family bring with it peace and confidence to know we are not alone in this journey.