I AM LSL: We are the Beasley family

When your daughter is headed to Kindergarten and has a life-threatening food allergy, you look for the safest environment you can find. That’s how the Beasley family ended up at Christ Lincoln Schools. Here’s their story of how the Lutheran Schools of Lincoln became the best place to educate their child:

“When we first started thinking about where we would send our daughter Nyah to Kindergarten we knew that it was very important to us for her to have a Christ-centered education, but we also knew that it was vital that we found a school environment that would be safe for her to be in.” Nyah has life-threatening food allergies to the point of needing to have an Epi-pen with her at all times. We prayed that we would be able to find a school that would be willing to take the extra steps to keep her safe, as well as one that would emotionally support her by being inclusive. We spent weeks touring many schools all around Lincoln, but upon touring Christ Lincoln Schools we knew that God was leading us there. God had led us to a school setting where the teachers and staff would truly care about Nyah’s needs and who would also go above and beyond to do everything in their power to keep her safe. Christ Lincoln Schools has offered Nyah an environment that is not only safe for her to be in but also extremely inclusive — which is very important for her emotionally. She is 6 years old and trying to navigate and understand what life will be like with life-threatening food allergies and that is extremely hard, but Nyah never feels unsafe, left out, or like her differences are something to be ashamed of. She feels loved, supported, nurtured, included, and safe. The staff and environment at Christ Lincoln Schools honestly provide so much more than our family could have ever hoped for Nyah. Not only has Christ Lincoln Schools given Nyah safety and inclusiveness with her food allergies, but they have showered her with God’s love and helped her grow spiritually, emotionally, socially, and academically. We are extremely grateful and feel very blessed to be part of the Christ Lincoln Schools family and the Lutheran Schools of Lincoln.”