I AM LSL: We are the Brundage Family

Cari and George Brundage always knew they wanted a small, close-knit, school community for their children. They were both educated in large, public schools and wanted something different for their children.

Their oldest, Hailey, started her Christian education at Christ Lutheran preschool. From there, Cari and George sent her to Good Shepard and it was exactly the small school scenario they envisioned. Two years later, their son Elijah started there as well.

Hailey and Elijah thrived at Good Shepard, so when they were ready for middle and high school, the next step to Lincoln Lutheran was a “no-brainer”, said George. “When you walk into Lincoln Lutheran, there’s a spirit you can feel. You can tell the kids WANT to be there. That’s not a feeling you get at all schools. We knew right away that Lincoln Lutheran felt like home and that’s where our family was supposed to be.”

Both Hailey and Elijah are very dedicated students. Cari and George attribute this to the interaction and one-on-one time they’ve received in small, close-knit schools. “At Lincoln Lutheran, the teachers and administrators reach out to the students. That kind of personal interaction makes a huge impact.”