I AM LSL: We are the Holle Family

We are blessed to have been part of three generations of Holles who have attended Lutheran schools.  We decided to send our four boys (Kevin, Doug, Jason, and Mike) to Calvary (which is now Messiah) because Larry had attended a Lutheran school in Kansas and we wanted to have that same Christian education for our kids. Looking back, we feel that choosing to send our kids to Calvary/Messiah, and then on to Lincoln Lutheran, was one of the best decisions we could have ever made. We were drawn to the smaller classroom size and the attention that each child received from their wonderful teachers. Additionally, we appreciated that the teachers genuinely cared about their students and about teaching them about God. We also felt that it was very important to have our children, and by extension, our family, surrounded by other Christian families. We met so many wonderful Christian families while our boys were in school, many of whom we are still friends with today! Academically, our sons received an excellent education at Messiah and Lincoln Lutheran that has translated into successful careers for all four of them. One of the greatest tributes of all the positive experiences that our boys had during their time at Messiah/Lincoln Lutheran is that they have all chosen to send their children to Lutheran schools as well.  We are so thankful that our grandchildren are all getting to experience the wonderful Christian education that each of our boys experienced during their time at Messiah and Lincoln Lutheran. If you are looking for a school for your children, we would highly recommend the Lutheran Schools of Lincoln. Two generations of Holles have, and continue to be, blessed by their experiences with Lutheran Schools of Lincoln.