This is our first year at Messiah and we could not be happier with the choice we have made for our family.  Both of us work, so our two children (4y and 6y) spend the majority of their day in school. Therefore, we must ensure it is a wonderful environment–where they learn, are among friends, play, feel comfortable, and are happy. As a former school director, I may be extra picky. We have looked at several schools and asked a lot of questions (A LOT). Besides asking about their plan regarding the current health crisis situation, we inquired about the curriculum, we were looking for an emphasis on grace and courtesy, wanted the school to reflect important core values, as well as cater to the fact that the kids still need to be exactly that–kids, and give them room and time to play and be silly. 

From the very moment of contact, we were warmly welcomed by courteous and friendly staff, who answered all (!) of our questions, offered us a tour of the school, and were open for even more follow up questions. The openness and approachability did not end at the time we signed up, but is ongoing. The regular communication from the school side (teachers as well as administrators) continues to amaze us; it is characterized by clarity, proactiveness (never any surprises) and reflects the organization and structure that you will find throughout Messiah.

The school offers small class sizes and a very well-rounded education (just some features beyond the traditional school curriculum include: music, library time, physical education, bible study). Also, as parents who moved to an acreage to see their kids grow up with plenty of room to roam outside, we were delighted that they also have an outdoor classroom as well as a sizable playground. Another added (and very appreciated) bonus are the options provided for out-of-school time, be it before or after school care, out-of-school care, or summer camps. 

Yes, LSL is the acronym for Lutheran Schools of Lincoln, however, for us, it also stands for Leadership, Support, and Love. Should you still be looking for a school for your child(ren), our (unsolicited) advice would be to “shop around” and once you complete your research, we can assure you with confidence that Lutheran Schools of Lincoln will be at the top of your list.

Christ Lincoln Schools & Child Care

Sumner Campus
4325 Sumner St.
Lincoln, NE 68506

Yankee Hill Campus
6700 Chatsworth Ln
Lincoln, NE 68516


Faith School & Touching Hearts

8701 Adams St.
Lincoln, NE 68507


Lincoln Lutheran Middle & High School

1100 N. 56th St.
Lincoln, NE 68504


Messiah Lutheran School & Child Care

1800 S. 84th St.
Lincoln, NE 68506


Trinity Lutheran School & Child Care

1200 N. 56th St.
Lincoln, NE 68506