Life at the Lutheran Schools of Lincoln

The Lutheran Schools of Lincoln offer both traditional and unique opportunities as part of our Christ-centered educational experience. But what makes the education at LSL schools unique? Perspectives from faculty, staff, and students at Trinity Lutheran School will highlight what makes our schools different and special.

Traditional subjects and experiences are certainly a part of the daily routines in our schools. We pride ourselves in the academic rigor of our programs that prepare our students to transition to the next step in their educational journey. In addition to core curricular subjects, we integrate Christ into everything we do at LSL. We meet the needs of the whole child, which promotes success. Throughout our system of schools, we offer programming for infants through 12th grade. Our schools strive to create a sense of community within our school that extends beyond our classrooms and includes our families as part of our educational and faith community.

Henry, a kindergarten student at Trinity, shared how his teacher taught him about God and how to be a good friend. Third-grade student Elliott also shared about her favorite subject, Religion, “My teacher teaches me about God, we have a chapel, and we get to sing during chapel.” We hear from parents on many occasions about how their child comes home singing a song they learned at school, asking to say a prayer at mealtime, and asking their parents to pray with them before bed. Speaking of prayer, Hadley, a fifth-grade student, notes how special it is to know that you can pray together with your friends at school, and you know your friends are praying for you at home too. Our pastors play a prominent role in our schools, helping to lead chapel, visiting classrooms, and greeting students. We have students from many different faith backgrounds, denominations, and churches that attend our schools. There are also many students in our schools without a church home. Any student has a place in our schools at LSL. As an LSL parent with children in both elementary and middle school, and as someone that serves in coaching roles, I am impressed at how faith, prayer, and devotion are integrated into every aspect of school life: in the classroom, on the athletic field or court, through the arts and other activities, as part of service projects, at special events, and through communication media. 

Teachers make learning fun! We all have jobs. There are parts of our job that are fun, and other parts that aren’t as much fun. Most students feel the same way about school. Making school fun is key to student success. It is awesome to visit classrooms and hear students talk about how much fun they are having at school. Logan really enjoys how his teachers make up “learning races” that challenge students to recall what they have learned in a fun and competitive way. Center-based learning is a key feature of our early childhood and primary classrooms. Learning through play leads is important to both academic and social development. Fifth-grader, Hadley appreciates how each of her teachers is “unique in their own way,” and “they keep their patience and help you when you need it.” Teachers are accessible and want their students to succeed. As a parent of a middle school student at Lincoln Lutheran, my son knows that he can stop by any of his teacher’s classrooms with a question or send them a quick email with a question or to clarify something. The same can be said for his coaches. Our teachers and coaches challenge our students to reach their full potential, are there to redirect when needed, and celebrate their successes!

Music, arts, technology, athletics, special interest clubs, academic contests, robotics, community service opportunities, fellowship events, fundraisers, and field trips add to the experience at LSL. These opportunities provide unique experiences for all of our students providing opportunities to discover, explore, grow, and share their God-given gifts and abilities. Parents are also invited and encouraged to participate in many different ways. Our schools would not be what they are without our parental involvement and support. As a parent at LSL, you will find a way to connect with your child’s school. Everyone knows you by name at LSL and we value the role that each person in our community plays in the success of our schools!

If you are already part of the LSL community, please share your LSL story with others. You play an important role in the growth of LSL and God’s kingdom. If you aren’t part of the LSL community, please get in touch with any of our schools to learn more. Please keep the ministry of LSL in your prayers as we strive to nurture our students and grow God’s kingdom!

In Christ,
Mr. David Kumm — Principal
Trinity Lutheran School