Why Should I Choose to Send My Child to a Lutheran School?

While there are many benefits to choosing a Lutheran school, one frequent answer is the smaller size of our schools. When families choose a Lutheran School of Lincoln for their child, they choose to become a part of a family. Educators in our buildings know all students and parents, which allows us to get to know individuals and their needs. From administrators greeting families each morning to educators and parents interacting, families know that they are going to be loved and cared for when they choose a Lutheran School of Lincoln.

Educators in the Lutheran Schools of Lincoln have the opportunity to truly get to know students’ individual needs. Each school strives to meet the needs of students, providing an environment where students are challenged and successful in their educational journey. Students excel in the close-knit environment as they discover new learning opportunities and develop their abilities.

Staff at Lutheran Schools in Lincoln walk with parents as they seek to raise their children in a God-pleasing environment. When families struggle, we are here to help. Families learn and grow together, forming tight bonds with each other, recognizing the importance of having a village ready to help one another. Parents are never alone; Lutheran Schools of Lincoln are a resource for families as we walk alongside them.

Come walk with us in the journey!  The Lutheran Schools of Lincoln are here to partner with you.