I AM LSL: We are the Fiddler family

Why did we choose Lutheran Schools of Lincoln? We could answer that question with any combination of factors that make our family’s experiences so positive: Christian leadership, religious studies, community belonging, fellowship, common values, academic excellence, growing in faith, music programs, and so on. While true, those answers fall short of describing exactly why we committed to this. We prayed about it, we felt called to choose Lutheran education, and we took a leap of faith. Nine years later, we are so grateful for that answered prayer and we know our kids are exactly where they are supposed to be. Every time they pray with their team before a game, we know. When they sing along to the radio because it’s a song they learned in chapel, we know. When they explain the solar system as part of God’s creation, we know. When they respond to adversity with grace and understanding, we know. Attending a Christian school is so much more than religion classes and chapel. We know that Jesus is an intentional part of their every day.

Our kids have been immersed in faith, surrounded by educators who know Jesus and classmates who pray for them. This was never more apparent to us than when our family faced a major medical diagnosis several years ago. Our oldest was a first-grader at Trinity Lutheran School when we discovered he has type 1 diabetes. During the whirlwind that followed, our school was a source of steadfast love and support. The reaction from administration, teachers, classmates, and families was overwhelming. It’s emotional to remember how they all pulled together to pray for us and to take action to get our son back in class. At a time when we were feeling very lost, God surrounded us with people to help us find our way through. That is exactly what Lutheran Schools of Lincoln does for our kids now and will continue to do in the future. When they feel lost in the world, they have faith and friends to help navigate the storm.

Raising a family today is hard and our household is in a busy season of life. We make lots of mistakes in parenting, scheduling, and prioritizing. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and wonder if we are totally messing everything up, but being part of this community gives us hope and shines a light on our purpose as parents. Knowing our kids are surrounded by believers and shown God’s love and mercy every day is the best choice we could have made. Praise God for Lutheran Schools of Lincoln!