Family Testimonials

I AM LSL: We are the Steggs family

Why did our family choose Trinity Lutheran School? Simple, Trinity feels like home. My husband and I both grew up in small towns in the Nebraska Panhandle. Both our schools and classes were small; so small that most of the children I started Preschool with I graduated high school with 13 years later. Several of those […]

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I AM LSL: We are the Buller family

    We were new to Messiah Lutheran School two years ago when Xavier was in 3rd grade. We recently asked Xavier how Messiah was different from his past school? He simply said, “The teachers love me.” The love and caring that Xavier feels makes him want to participate and be a part of the school. Prior […]

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I AM LSL: We are the Garcia family

A newly divorced, single mom graced the doors of Christ Lincoln Schools in the fall of 2017. Her daughter, Haylee, was still attending Kindergarten in Omaha at Millard Public Schools. She was struggling in her educational setting. Mom, April Victoria Garcia had moved to Lincoln, Nebraska for a fresh start and felt the tug of sending her daughter to a Christian school […]

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I AM LSL: We are the Fiddler family

Why did we choose Lutheran Schools of Lincoln? We could answer that question with any combination of factors that make our family’s experiences so positive: Christian leadership, religious studies, community belonging, fellowship, common values, academic excellence, growing in faith, music programs, and so on. While true, those answers fall short of describing exactly why we committed to […]

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I AM LSL: We are the Adams family

In 2016, after a heart-wrenching decision to take them out of home daycare, my little boys started at Faith Lutheran preschool and daycare. It took one day and I knew we had made the right choice. So after a frustrating and disappointing year of kindergarten for our older son in 2016-2017, it was decided that we would […]

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