Family Testimonials

I AM LSL: We are the Schmick Family

We moved to Lincoln from Broken Bow, NE approximately 3 years ago. When we were in Broken Bow we decided to homeschool, but we knew that wasn’t going to be an option much past third grade for our daughter, Olivia. We had talked about public school in the small town of Broken Bow because I […]

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I AM LSL: We are the Akridge Family

They will tell you God has a sense of humor and sometimes they have no idea what they are doing.  But they will also tell you that they are following God’s lead and putting all of their trust in Him. That trust has led the Akridge family of Christ Lincoln Schools to put together the […]

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I AM LSL: We are the Shamburger family

This is our first year at Messiah and we could not be happier with the choice we have made for our family.  Both of us work, so our two children (4y and 6y) spend the majority of their day in school. Therefore, we must ensure it is a wonderful environment–where they learn, are among friends, […]

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I AM LSL: We are the Meyer Family

Why did we choose Lutheran Schools of Lincoln? Because, we want our children to be effective disciples of Christ, and have a well-formed Christian faith and understanding. Early on we knew that we wanted to make Lutheran education a priority for our children. We also knew that making Christian education a priority would be a […]

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I AM LSL: We are the Beasley family

When your daughter is headed to Kindergarten and has a life-threatening food allergy, you look for the safest environment you can find. That’s how the Beasley family ended up at Christ Lincoln Schools. Here’s their story of how the Lutheran Schools of Lincoln became the best place to educate their child: “When we first started […]

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