Family Testimonials

I AM LSL: I am Rebecca Bartelt

I graduated from Concordia-Moorhead, MN in December 1996. I spent 1 ½ year as a volunteer missionary for the LCMS in Almaty, Kazakhstan. While there I taught English and helped with music at the church. From Kazakhstan, I went to Kodaikanal, India for five years to teach music, middle and high school choir, voice lessons, and strings at a Christian international […]

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I AM LSL: We are the Baksys family

We are the parents of a sweet, funny, kind seven-year-old boy. Whether you are the parent of one or many, we are like you…we just want to raise our child to be kind and responsible. We live in a small town outside of Lincoln, Nebraska, and have very little family support in the area. When Josh […]

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I AM LSL: Mr. Jesse Soensken

Every morning Mr. Jesse Soensken comes into the school ready for a new adventure. He never knows what will be waiting for him. Will it be a day full of pouring concrete, moving buildings, fixing lockers, or sometimes playing gaga ball with the Pre-Kindergarten class? Every day is something different and exciting. Mr. Jesse Soensken […]

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I AM LSL: We are the Barrett family

A friend who is expecting their first daughter recently asked us if we’d write a book about how to raise good girls. Our first reaction was to laugh that anyone would think we’d know how to do that. We often see our four girls being sassy, fighting with each other, forgetting to do their homework, […]

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